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Delegant Curl Styler uses revolutionary automatic curling technology that lets anyone achieve beautiful curls and waves anytime without tangling. Curling your hair has never been so simple and fast, with the tap of a button you can have shiny soft wavy curls to stunning compact curls in a few seconds.

With the unique inbuilt spinner and steam function, the hair is protected at all times.

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The lightweight ergonomic design of the innovative Curl Styler makes curling your hair Easy, Quick and Comfortable. All through the styling process, the curler is held in a natural vertical position with a soothing grip, putting no strain on your hand.

Delegant Curl Styler is perfect for first-timers and suitable for both short and long hairNo matter your hair type, you can create tangle-free, long-lasting curls and complete entire head within 5 minutes.


Advanced Features

3 TIMER SETTINGS – With audio beep indicator for Various Curl Effect
8 seconds – 4 beeps for Wavy Curls
10 seconds – 5 beeps for Soft Curls
12 seconds – 6 beeps for Compact Curls

3 HEAT SETTINGS – Delicate to Long-lasting Curl
190 °C for Damaged/thin hair
210 °C for Fine textured hair
230 °C for Coarse hair

Left / Automatic Random / Right 


STEAM FUNCTION For Hair Protection

The ionic generator inside the unit releases frizz-controlling ions onto the hair to create a shiny finish


AUTOMATIC shut-off




Watch our video below – Delegant Curl Styler Tutorial  


In order to avoid unnecessary inconvenience, we advise you to read the user manual carefully and/or watch our Youtube video below before contacting Delegant.

1. Switch it on and select the setting for curl direction, time and temperature.

Usage Tip: if you would like to use steam function for hair protection, use the bottle provided to fill the steam chamber and press steam button – you could add various types of liquid such as fragrance or liquid leave-in conditioner to scented hair.
* Find steam chamber on the top of the appliance; open the black lid and fill the water.

2. Ensure the section of hair is clean, dry and perfectly combed through.

3. The appliance must be positioned into the hair with the cylinder facing towards the head * where indicated ‘Let Your Beauty Flow’

Important: Section of your hair must be less than 3cm, very long hair must use smaller sections (1~2cm)

4. Lay your hair into the chamber, clamp down to allow the hair to be automatically drawn into the chamber

Safety feature: If you have taken too much hair,  the curler will stop and beep to indicate a problem.

5. Continue to hold the handles closed until the beep stops * 4,8,10 beeps depending on the selected time setting

6. Release the appliance from the hair. * Do not pull away the appliance from the hair.

7. After use, switch off and unplug the appliance. Allow to cool before storing away.

Maintenance Tip: Insert the tool provided around the cylinder, rotate to clean inside

Certification: CE, RoHS
Power: 30 W
Heating Element: MCH
Indicator: LED display
Plate: Ceramic
Swivel cord: 2.5m length / 360° rotative * tangle-free

Plug type availability: 220 V-240 V

  • Type C, E, F: Commonly used in Europe, South America, Asia and Russia
  • Type G: Mainly used in the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malta)
    * The appliance is Dual-Voltage which can be easily used with an adapter.

The warranty period for Delegant Curl Styler is 12 months, except for the following case:
• Product is being used for commercial purpose.
• The defect is caused by environmental conditions such as natural disaster or lightning.
• The defect is caused by connection to peripherals, additional equipment or accessories
• The defect is caused by misuse or abuse, such as improper cleaning, neglect, accident, alteration, fire, water, theft, wrong voltage or transportation.

This warranty does not apply to unauthorized resellers of the Company products or individuals purchasing items without identifying themselves as a business entity or reseller. If the item is replaced under the Limited Warranty, the duration of the warranty will continue from the date of the original purchase and will not be extended.


You can claim for return in 24 hours after receiving your original order, only under the following situations:
• Product is not the one ordered or is not as advertised
• Product is defective, counterfeit or damaged at the time of delivery
• Product does not belong to the following categories: Custom or Made-to-order products, Imported On-order products, certain Sale products.

Please see below conditions for your return request to be accepted:
Product is still in its original packaging
• Product is in its original condition and unused
• Product includes all accessories, original invoice or free promotional items that came with the purchase

In the unlikely event that the product is found defective please return the appliance in its original packaging with original invoice and you will receive a replacement within 7-10 business days. * No refunds will be issued.
The cost for shipping, handling and processing will be charged to buyer depending on the issue.

*Product returned to the company for replacement without the proof-of- purchase, e.g. original invoice, indicating the date of purchase will be rejected and returned to sender.

You can request to return the product online, (Click on Contact us, fill out Subject as ‘Return a Product’ and indicate your invoice number, reason of return and home address in the Message box)
You can also contact Customer Service at to confirm that your product is eligible for return.

We will explain to you the return procedure, and either arrange for our courier partners to pick-up the product.

Additional Information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 34.5 x 15 x 10 cm


Jessica – Chicago, US
“This is so much easier and faster than curling my hair with my old iron. No
complaints! – thanks!”

Camille – Nantes, France
“It’s super convenient! You just grip it and it does all the work. No more tired arms!”

Charlotte – Reading, UK
“I bought this after using my friend’s Babyliss one, but this feels much better quality
and the steam function definitely seems to prevent my hair from damage. Highly
recommend adding scented oil into the water. I often use Rose, my hair smells great
all day and the oil makes it really glossy!”

Emma – Stockholm, Sweden
“There are so many options for styling! I tried most of its settings for different
direction and heat. I normally use wavy mode but when it rains, setting for tight
compact curls really works – last all night long. Happy with your curler!”

Elizabeth – Melbourne, Australia
“I used to burn myself a lot from iron one. I feel finally safe when curling my hair and
it is comfortable – what a great technology!”

Katharina – Hamburg, Germany
“I like the fact that it’s completely tangle-free. My hair feels smoother, silky and you
can also create a natural wavy look. Love it!”